I used a level design technique that has the player start off somewhere less appealing and then unveiling a much more picutersque vista as a contrast to exagerate the beuty. I used post processing effects ontop of this to really emphaises the change.

I took screenshots at various stages in the development to reflect on how the level and lighting progressed.

Adding verticality to the back of the map allowing for areas to look over your progress, as well as making the layout more interesting.

I tried to make all parts of the map interesting with various little vistas hidden away around the island.

Creating intruiging mini scenes within the level to add another layer of depth to the game, leaving the player wanting to find out more about the games world.

Breaking the map up into key zones that the player needs (signified by the coloured regions), then creating a tutorial that guides the player through each zone/mechanic one by one (displayed by the number marks).

Using in game objects to help guide the player to avoid breaking immersion with too many prompts on the HUD where possible.

Using excel to breakdown some of the more complex aspects of the games.

I made a bubble diagram to plan out the map for Settler’s dawn, working out how each area of the map should interact with the others using line connections, aswell as signifying the importance of each area with the size of the bubble.

I created a bubble diagram to help with the production of settler’s dawn, by breaking it down into priority levels so i knew what things to focus on to ensure i was getting the key aspects completed first.

A blockout i created in 3Ds max for an unreal tournament map.

The textured and meshed version of the unreal tournament map. It was symetrical capture the flag map. The blockout aided with scale and positioning, then throught development tweaks were made to imrpove on sight lines and readability of the map.


An overview of some of the design work i have done.

Game Designer