Global Game Jam 2018 - "Office Contagion"

Group project me and 4 friends worked on for the Global Game Jam in 2018, the theme for the jam was “Transmit” and we decided to go down the path of transmitting a disease around an office by firing infected bullets to contaminate the workers.

I worked on the design and tech side of the jam along with 2 others.

AI walk around via a waypoint system as the player uses a limited number of bullets to infect (and kill) everyone in the office. The virus spreads, once they are infected, to nearby workers before they die.

Global Game Jam 2019 – “Home is where the heat is”

Another group effort made by me and 4 friends, this time the theme was “What home means to you”. We went for the angle of if you are in a dark scary forest at night, a warm camp fire would feel like the only refuge, and the game requires the player to venture out into the dark to collect wood to keep that home alive. By adding logs to the fire the fire’s radius expands allowing for further exploration to get to trees that were too far from home before.

Global Game Jams 2018/2019