Using a timeline to contol the speed of the Day/Night cycle i sped up the night time where visuals are decreased, i also dragged out the sunrise and sunets as they are more interesting.

Adaptive day and night cycles with the lights in the village coming on when it gets dark.

Dynamic actors that work via the Day/Night cycle manager to turn lights on around the map during the night and then turn them off at sunrise.

The gathering mechanic requires the player to hold the correct tool and has a circular progress meter as well as xp drops.

The plot building mechanic, i opted to use timelines and scaling up as a fun way of creating the buildings without having to break game play by teleporting the player off the plot to build the building, the other alternative was wait for the player to leave the area before building but again i felt that affected game play and the player could still see the building appear.

Settler's Dawn

Single player game which combines the genres of first person resource gathering and idle.
Players travel from island to island turning each one into a little civilisation before moving onto the next.